“The goal of Forever Changed and this website is to teach a broader understanding of adolescents and the critical development of character and resiliency, so that ultimately they will become successful adults with a clear and distinct voice of their own.” – Linda Mornell

Advancing Adolescent Character Development

With almost 20 years in private practice working with privileged youth followed by another 25 years of developing Summer Search, a non-profit helping low-income adolescents, Linda Mornell shares what she has learned about the complexities of creating lasting change in both groups.  Her work with underprivileged youth including a young woman who was a Mexican American illegal immigrant and gang leader who became a Harvard Business School graduate led her to write the book Forever Changed.  You will read the story and find information and reviews here about how impactful insight mentoring and the right summer program can be for adolescents from all economic backgrounds.


Carlos Romero: College Counsellor

“On my trip I noticed that most of the other students were from wealthy backgrounds and private East Coast Boarding schools. And they were predominately Anglo. At that point I had never been outside the projects. And those kids? Their language was so different. They used words I had never heard of.” read more about What Works

Chad Herst: Life Coach

I was just 15 years old when I met with Linda about going on some kind of trip over the summer. Growing up in an affluent family in Marin County there were a lot of pressures to be successful.  Linda strongly encouraged me to step out of those pressures and my comfortable life and go on an extended wilderness expedition. Today, at 42, I am still benefitting from that decision.”

About Forever Changed

Linda Mornell has written about how low-income youth who have often experienced significant trauma can become transformed into professionals and leaders through participation in summer programs and long-term insight mentoring   learn more



About Linda

Linda Mornell is the founder of Summer Search and the author of Forever Changed. read more

Sasha Kovirga, first Summer Search alum & philanthropist

“Linda burdened me with the gift of insight. While I am responsible for my own life, no man is an island. To the extent we become successful, we owe a debt of gratitude to the people who were willing to help us along the way. For most kids those people are their family and their community. For Summer Search kids those people were complete strangers.” 

Book Review

There is a hero in each of us. No matter how small or daunting our trials, it is the choice to be courageous that, in the end, defines us. read more