IMG_0428Xmas.  I always enjoy this time of year except for the excessiveness of gifts especially for the grandkids.  What on earth to give them that A) they don’t already have and B) that they don’t really want or need?

One of the ways we combat the gift thing in general is to make many of our own. We have a box in the car to hand out thanks to people specifically and spontaneously.  Dates stuffed with yummy organic almond butter and rolled in sugar—put in a short and wide wine glass makes a lovely gift.  Toasted and flavored nut combination packed in a jar with a bow. Local honey—always a treat.  And then of course there are our fresh laid eggs from the chickens.  Have to target that one as the hens don’t lay so much this time of year.  But what about kids?

photoThis year I found the answer.  We arrived at my husband’s son’s house to celebrate Xmas early as they were leaving to join his daughter-in-laws family on the East Coast.  I packed honey, nuts, dates and eggs.  When we arrived I burst into the room and told the kids: We have presents for the FAMILY!!  Can you help me bring them in?  A scurry of activity finding shoes and jackets and we were off to the car.  I asked the kids what their mother loved more than anything and they shouted, Bolinas eggs!  What else?  Bolinas honey!  There are two more special things for the family I continued: stuffed dates and nuts.  Each one takes a gift and carries it oh so carefully 
into the house as a precious offering, shouting to mom—“We have gifts for the family!”

No one, not one little person asked, “Where’s mine?”