Did you know that on this date one year ago (March 1, 2015), Summer Search Founder Linda Mornell’s book Forever Changed was officially published?


In honor of the anniversary of this book —I wanted to share a review. After reading Forever Changed, Rogelio Rameriz aliumni 1992 reached out with his thoughts on the book. Inspired by his unique perspective, I suggested that he turn those thoughts into an official review.


So, Rogelio reworked his feedback into this captivating synopsis of the book, which he entitled, Heroes.

Most books provide the reader with one brave hero… but consider a book bold enough to foster many brave heroes; in fact, a book where every character is a hero. And now consider that this is not a work of fiction, but a document of truth.

There is a hero in each of us. No matter how small or daunting our trials, it is the choice to be courageous that, in the end, defines us.

Our narrator, in the midst of an innovative idea, is the first of our heroes to pursue the vulnerability of the unknown.

A therapist and psychiatric nurse, she discovers the potential that summer experiential education trips have for teenagers coping with the difficulties of adolescence.

She starts a program to find and fund those young people who are courageous enough to part with familiar surroundings and allow themselves to be transported to a foreign environment — a challenging environment wherenew insights, spurred on by introspection, lead to great growth.

What these students learn, how they persist against daunting odds, the spirit that is evoked to transcend each distinct life obstacle — (this book has) all this and more; tears and anger, forgiveness and compassion as they becomeforever changed.

This book is a series of honest and heroic stories about kids that defy the odds and go on to become leaders. I know… I was one of them.