Forever Changed

The goal of Forever Changed is to share that we, all of us, can lead a life of increased joy and richness through expanding our circle of moral concern beyond ourselves, beyond our family to the ‘other.’ To see a need, make an impact and change a life for no reason other than it can be done and once done forever changes, forever enlarges the lives we all lead.

more_pics_slider_0019_Layer 1“To become intimate with disadvantaged young people taught me how to see things differently; to no longer fear the unknown. As they shared their stories so that I might walk in their shoes I learned what it’s like to live with the constant threat of violence, to be present yet invisible as illegal immigrants, to feel the alienation that comes from changing homes again and again as a foster care child. To read Forever Changed is to become a part of these stories and for the reader to see that yes, they too can find opportunities to engage the ‘other’. All of us can find ways to create change in the life of a child, a community, the world, and in ourselves.” – Linda Mornell

Overcoming Setbacks

“Forever Changed provides a glimpse into our most fragile students and underscores the magic of insight and empathy. Ultimately, we know that overcoming setbacks is the key to accomplishment. Mornell provides a moving narrative into the mystery of just how this can be achieved.”
– David Meketon, The Duckworth Lab, University of Pennsylvania


“The quote for the first chapter of Forever Changed says: ‘Those who do not have the power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, to rethink it, deconstruct it…and change it as times change…cannot think new thoughts.’ The power to tell one’s story is the power to transform.” – Harold Davis, artist and author

Achieving Potential

“I have sent copies of the book to everyone I know working in youth mentoring and counseling, and educators. The story works as a call to action for citizens to be involved with their communities and the youth that live there.” – Mark Brokering, Publisher

Referring Teacher

“At first, Linda’s treatment of my students seemed very harsh and judgmental, the polar opposite of my then 28 years of training and experience with “at risk” students. Yet as I watched the students she worked with, they begin to blossom.”
– Jan Hudson, career teacher, counselor, Vice-Principal                                                                

Summer Search Alumni

“Every year, Summer Search changes lives and thus changes the world. I know because she changed my world while instilling in me the importance of playing it forward.”
– Robert Reffkin, CEO of Urban Compass and founder of American Needs You                                                           


“This book, much like the woman who wrote it, is a powerful and compelling call-to-action for all of us in this country.”
– Leni Miller President, EA Search, LLC, Author of Right Work

Linda Mornell’s Forever Changed shares the stories of courageous students from both affluent and low-income backgrounds who ‘went for hard’ by choosing life-changing experiences to discover who they really are and what they are capable of becoming.
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