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Solaria the Wall Street Cinderella

“‘Solaria was going down a violence spiral that prevented her from thinking about her goals, much less plan for them. If she had continued that path, she could have ended up in jail, with an unwanted baby, chained to some addiction, or even dead. Luckily, in came the fairy godmother, Linda Mornell.”

– Solaria Perez-Stepanov, You On Top Magazine 8.10.15

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Summer Search/In Marin

“Summer Search: Anyone who has ventured into untamed wilderness knows how transformative the experience can be. Such is the premise of Summer Search…”

– Calin Van Paris, Marin Magazine 9.15

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Bolinas author recounts Tales of Mentorship and Teen Growth

“The book, rather than emphasizing statistics about the program’s impact, provides a very personal series of stories about how the program changed some participants as well as the effect of these interactions on Mornell.”

– Herb Kutchins, Point Reyes Light, 9.3.15

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What the Staff Say



I’ve felt many things about Summer Search over the years – awe, confusion, frustration, elation, exhaustion, joy, hope. The one that never fades is deep gratitude. The Summer Search mission is so powerful, so powerful. There is a radical transformation that I’ve been blessed to witness, where an injustice is made right! And student after student gets a fair shot at having a say in what their future will be. That is the part of SS that is so radical to me – marginalized students get to have a say in their life! I have seen nothing like it.

About Forever Changed

Linda Mornell has written about how low-income youth who have often experienced significant trauma can become transformed into professionals and leaders through participation in summer programs and long-term insight mentoring   learn more